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Product Description:

Product Description:
◆ High performance polyurethane scraper has excellent dynamic compensation performance, minimal dynamic endogenous heat, excellent follow-up to tape, low friction coefficient of scraper, large extensibility and long service life.
◆ The scraper has better overall rigidity with profile skeleton and 45 arrangement with integral scraper, which is suitable for two-way running tape.
◆ The constant pressure regulator at both ends adopts the rectangular spring of the die, which has a long constant pressure life. The regulator is equipped with guide pillars, so that the scraper keeps good fit to the tape, the regulator has compact structure, small installation space and convenient adjustment.
◆ Full machine paint and 304 fasteners to achieve long-term anti-rust.
Product Parameters:
◆ Maximum speed of conveyor belt: 3.15 m/s
◆ Suitable bandwidth: 800-1600 mm
◆ Order model: KEC01. ** 1.0 (bandwidth code **: 08/10/12/14/16)

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