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Product Description:

Product Description:
High performance polyurethane scraper has excellent dynamic compensation performance, minimal dynamic endogenous heat, excellent follow-up to tape, low friction coefficient of scraper, large extensibility and long service life.
The scraper adopts the aluminum alloy skeleton as a whole with better rigidity, and the scraper can adopt the integral/split scraper, which is suitable for cleaning old and new tapes.
The constant pressure regulator at both ends adopts the rectangular spring of the die, which has a long constant pressure life. The regulator adopts ultra-high molecular polyethylene sliding track, which keeps the scraper close to the tape well. It is equipped with calibration pressure indication and PVC transparent protective sheath protection. The regulator is easy to patrol and monitor.
The structure of the regulator is compact, the double scrapers share a set of regulators, the installation space is small, and the adjustment is convenient.
Full machine paint and 304 fasteners to achieve long-term anti-rust.
Product Parameters:
Maximum speed of conveyor belt: 3.15 m/s
Suitable bandwidth: 800-2000 mm
Order model: KEB02. * ** 1.0 (Scraper type code *: A integral, B split; Bandwidth code **: 08/10/12/14/16/18/20)

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