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Product Description:
? ? Aerosol dust removal is an ideal dust removal method for fuel system of thermal power plant with dust material conveying system. Its advantages lie not only in its low cost, simple control and convenient maintenance, but also in its remarkable effect and stability, which can not be compared with other dust removal methods. Especially, it does not need to collect and convey dust-containing gas, and saves dust collecting hood, fan, air duct and other equipment, and it will not cause. Secondary pollution. The key technology is to improve the atomization effect. The more droplets, the higher the probability of collecting coal dust and the better the effect of dust reduction. But the flow rate of water can not be too large. The moisture content in general fuel should be controlled at 6%. Excessive moisture content in fuel will not only affect the fuel, but also easily cause the phenomenon of fuel slipping on the belt or clogging the falling coal pipe. In order to achieve a good atomization effect, we should also grasp a certain atomization time, that is, to achieve the purpose of effective dust removal, and to grasp the amount of water. In addition, our company has also formulated corresponding solutions for many power plants which adopt circulating water for dust removal and have high requirements for water filtration and purification.
System Structure:
    The whole system includes control box, booster pump, air pump, nozzle, solenoid valve, pneumatic valve, regulating valve, filter valve and other equipment. Users only need to provide 380V, 10KW power supply and 1.5L/M flow of water. The system has functions of boosting, regulating and filtering. The system is controlled by automatic program, and the aerosol device is put into operation automatically by detecting the running signal of the belt and the coal flow signal on the belt. At the same time, the system can accept the command of the remote program control system, open and close the aerosol system remotely, and send important signals to the remote system.
Product Worksheet:

System Principle
? ? Through pressure, liquid and gas are conveyed to the nozzles, and liquid and gas are mixed internally, resulting in completely atomized spray. It has round, wide circular, 360 degree annular, fan-shaped and deflecting fan shaped spray shapes. The diameter of the water droplets is 1um-10um, which effectively adsors the dust Venus suspended in the air, and makes the dust settle by gravity and achieve the dust suppression effect. The system has good atomization control function, and the atomization device can be adjusted by changing the pressure of gas and liquid, resulting in a higher ratio of gas flow rate to liquid flow rate, and providing a spray with fine droplet size.
System advantage
◆??For other types of dust removal methods, such as bag dust removal, dry dust removal, electrostatic dust removal, etc., the aerosol dust removal system has less equipment input, easy operation, high degree of automation, small floor area, small water consumption, low operating costs and no secondary pollution.
◆??Compared with the commonly used water mist dedusting system, it has incomparable advantages: good atomization effect, the diameter of water particles is 1um-10um, only 1/10 of water mist dedusting particles, which is easier to combine with dust molecules to achieve the purpose of dust suppression;
◆??Water-saving performance is good. Water is fully atomized by aerosol dedusting, and the amount of spraying water is only 1/8 of that of water-mist dedusting. This ensures that coal will not be Overwetted while dedusting, leading to blockage of falling coal pipes.
◆??Pipeline is not easy to clog, because most of the flushing water used in power plants or ports is secondary recycled water, which contains certain impurities and takes a long time. It is easy to lead to pipelines, nozzles, solenoid valves and other equipment clogging, thus affecting the normal use of equipment.
◆??In the air-fog dedusting system, the pipeline is regularly flushed with high-pressure airflow through program control to prevent pipeline blockage and water freezing in the pipeline. The pressure regulating function is good. The aerosol dust removal system is equipped with a booster pump and an air pump. At the same time, a liquid pressure regulating valve and a gas regulating valve are arranged on the pipeline, which can conveniently regulate the water and air pressure in the pipeline, thereby controlling the spray effect.
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