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Monitoring System for Belt-defect and tearingOnline Inquiry
Product Description:
? ? Belt is not only the main equipment of bulk material conveying system, but also the vulnerable equipment. The impact of bulk materials, scratches of debris and deviation of belt cause damage to the belt. Common damage and tearing of belt include:
◆? Penetrating tearing of foreign body at blanking point
◆??Non-penetrating tearing of foreign body at blanking point
◆??Longitudinal tear and damage of tape
◆??Damage of Belt Working Face Caused by Impact of Blanking Point
◆??Tape damage caused by deviation, sweeper and head foreign body cassette
◆??Non-penetrating tearing of non-working face caused by Roller Failure

    In addition to the corresponding testing equipment for longitudinal penetrating tear of tape, other defects of tape are found by manual inspection, which is very difficult. Even if found, it is difficult to locate and repair the defect location.
Longitudinal tear and defect monitoring system of tape is identified and judged by system analysis method.
◆  Green linear laser light source is used to illuminate the surface of tape vertically. Linear array and image vision recognition are used to analyze the reflective characteristics and judge the tear and surface defects of tape.
◆  Through the visual terminal above the tape, the rapid narrowing (widening) of the tape and the change of the reflective characteristics between the edge and the backplane of the tape can be judged by image recognition to determine whether the tape has longitudinal tearing or not.
◆  The contour and surface of the tape are identified by collecting the light reflected by the tape of linear camera to the green linear laser source, and the defects and edge damage of the tape surface are analyzed.
◆??Rapid identification of tape surface defects and simultaneous provision of high-definition photos of defects
◆??Cooperate with CRAE1000 Intelligent Processor to realize on-site alarm analysis and control
◆??Identifying and judging whether the tape is running off at the same time
◆??It can locate the defect of tape for easy maintenance.
◆??The system is stable and reliable, and the false alarm rate is low.
◆??Identify defects such as rubber surface damage, scratch, tear, edge damage, etc.
◆??The system realizes automatic positioning and shutdown for defects, which is convenient for tape maintenance.
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