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Product Description:
? ? Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy-LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy-LIBS) is a method that uses high energy density laser pulses to excite the analyzed substances and produce plasma. At the same time, the spectral analysis device is used to analyze the energy level transition characteristic spectra of atoms and ions in plasma and obtain the composition of each element. Laser probe component analysis equipment has the advantages of small size, low cost, simple sample preparation process, no need of vacuum, fast detection process, and suitable for all-element analysis. It can be used for conductive metal materials and non-conductive non-metallic materials (such as plastics and ceramics), so it has attracted much attention from the scientific and technological circles and engineering fields. Since the concept first appeared in 1963, after decades of continuous efforts by many experts in engineering and science, laser probe component analysis technology has gradually become one of the practical spectral analysis techniques, and has different applications in various fields.

Technical Specifications

Property Parameter
Shrinkage sampling unit
Shrinkage Ratio:1/2
Sample sending unit
Drying module
Drying temperature:50°
Pulverizing and Feeding Units
Discharge particle size:0.2mm
Transportation volume:300kg/h
Automatic pie pressing system
Maximum Pressure 30t
LIBS detecting system
Laser: wavelength 1064 nm, 20 Hz, maximum pulse energy 120 mJ, energy stability less than 2%.
Spectrometer: detectable range 200-900 nm, average spectral resolution 0.05-0.22 NM
Packaging system
Packaging efficiency:40-250bag/min
Dust removal system
Number of dust removal points:3
Compressed air system
Standard for Coal Quality Inspection Meet GB/T 29161-2012 "Neutron Activated Coal Online Analyser"

Fig. 1 Principle of Laser Probe     
Fig. 2 Applications of Laser Probes

Fig. 3 Laser Probe Technology Applied to All walks of life

LIBS Laser Probe Coal Quality Online Analysis System

    The LIBS coal quality online analysis system of Kairui Zhixing Science and Technology adopts the technology of laser probe coal quality analysis, which can realize the real-time on-line rapid detection and analysis of coal quality. At the same time, it can measure a variety of indicators, without radioactive sources, and realize the whole process of automation and unattended. The system is advanced in technology, safe and reliable, economical in operation, and can meet the requirements of environmental protection. At the same time, it can minimize the impact of modification on coal conveying system equipment. LIBS laser on-line detection system can be connected to owner's SIS system.

    LIBS coal quality on-line analysis system can realize intelligent control of uninterrupted coal sample collection, fractionation, crushing, drying, powder making, pie pressing, on-line detection, sample automatic packaging and coding, and realize unmanned operation.

    Through acquiring relevant signals and parameters, the intelligent real-time monitoring system of coal flow dynamic visualization is simulated and developed. Dynamic simulation of coal flow journey and display in the software, real-time coal quality index data (such as calorific value, volatile matter, sulfur content, ash melting point, etc.) of the original coal bunker are displayed on the screen of the software, and it has the function of warning and alarm, so that operators can intuitively understand the coal quality change of the original coal bunker through the software screen, and timely optimize combustion adjustment.

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