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Product Description:
? ? Ultra-portable and low-cost laser probe component analyzer can realize real-time qualitative measurement of trace elements. It can be used in special application conditions and anywhere specified by users. Portable LIBS Laser Probe Component Analysis Instrument integrates a high intensity pulsed laser and sample chamber, which can analyze the spectrum of unknown samples in ultraviolet-near infrared range. The size of the portable case is 500*360*180 mm. It can work through 12 volt adapter or battery pack. The number of channels needed for the spectrometer needs to be determined when testing. Up to eight channels of the spectrometer can be connected through USB 2.0 and can achieve resolution of 0.1 or 0.2 nm.
? ? Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) has become a common technique to measure elements by measuring plasma by laser, which makes it possible to detect trace elements such as solids, liquids and gases by optical means. With this technique, calibration-free quantitative analysis can be carried out without sample preparation.
The system configuration software can provide element recognition function and use spectral database for qualitative measurement. Samples can be quickly measured and saved to a specified folder. Software options allow custom element spectrum search algorithms to create or search custom compound databases.
? ? The optical fiber spectrometer is designed with anti-vibration module, and there are no moving parts inside. Non-removable optical components and electronic control products are protected by a solid metal housing, which is very suitable for portable applications.
Portable LIBS Laser Probe Component Analysis Instrument
Spectrometer Channel Number: Up to 8 Channels Optional Size:500*360*180mm
Spectral range:190-1000nm wavelengths Data transfer speed:480Mbits per second
Spectral resolution:HR=0.1nm or SR=0.2NM Power Dissipation350mA@12VDC
Detector type:Pulsed Nd-YAG@1.06um Laser Power:25milli-joules(4ns pulse)
Laser mode and frequency:Kigre MK-367,1Hertz Sample Energy:6Mega Watts
Laser lifetime:>300,000shots Plasma cavity size:50*50*75mm

Application Range:

Analysis of Industrial Materials Military Chemistry and Biological Agents
Exploration and exploitation Forensic Analysis
Environmental Monitoring Medical research and development
Homeland Security Measures Analysis of Engine Oil
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